Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Gadhafi's forces are predicted to run out of money within the next few months. The Libyan government is planning to double interest rates to keep people from taking money out of the banks. "At the moment, we have no problem with paying salaries and pensions. Although the bills are heavy, we can pay them," says Ghadfi. If it becomes civil war in Libya, the country is supposed to become new "Somalia" with all the blood shed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Woman has healthy baby throughout breast cancer treatment in Minnesota. For her cancer, she received chemotherapy and other cancer treatments which made her feel anxious about her unborn child.


"Maine legalizing switchblades for one armed people"


This exception to the ban against spring action knives allows amputees to own switchblades. This keeps amputees from opening folding knives with their teeth. That puts one armed people in danger of possibly cutting their mouths, damaging their teeth, and losing valueable time in an emergency. The only regulation of the new exception is that the knives must have blades that are shorter than 3 inches.Governor Paul LePage signs the bill into a law soon.