Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Gadhafi's forces are predicted to run out of money within the next few months. The Libyan government is planning to double interest rates to keep people from taking money out of the banks. "At the moment, we have no problem with paying salaries and pensions. Although the bills are heavy, we can pay them," says Ghadfi. If it becomes civil war in Libya, the country is supposed to become new "Somalia" with all the blood shed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Woman has healthy baby throughout breast cancer treatment in Minnesota. For her cancer, she received chemotherapy and other cancer treatments which made her feel anxious about her unborn child.


"Maine legalizing switchblades for one armed people"


This exception to the ban against spring action knives allows amputees to own switchblades. This keeps amputees from opening folding knives with their teeth. That puts one armed people in danger of possibly cutting their mouths, damaging their teeth, and losing valueable time in an emergency. The only regulation of the new exception is that the knives must have blades that are shorter than 3 inches.Governor Paul LePage signs the bill into a law soon.

Friday, February 18, 2011


School this week has been so intense. I've been getting home no earlier than 5:30 every night. I have school till four, marimba practice till 5:30, dinner + clean up... I start my homework around 6 or 6:30 and work on it till almost midnight every night. I still have so much more work to do that I don't have time for. I have a 3 day weekend but I know my teachers don't take late work. I atleast got all my essays turned in on time this week. I have two tests on wednesday. Biology and statistics. Both of those tests have material that is do-able but I just have to do the work to prepare for those tests. I'm sure that monday will be a shitty day for me. I don't have anything planned with my friends. Tomorrow is competition for my percussion solo and ensembles. We have to leave at 7 AM to get there for our solos at 8. Good news is that our ensemble is at 2 so we don't have to be back until then. We are just going to go to the mall and fool around. I hope we decided to watch a movie or something. The AMC is there. I have a gift card. This post doesn't really have a point. I just haven' tpsoted since tuesday. I will start updating everyday. Promise.

Just curious...
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


'Your name tastes like purple' By Teri Floyd
In my head, the letter "N" is green. The number 5 is blackish gray, and in his early 20s. The month of February is lavender colored and covered in ice.
So in case you haven’t guessed, I have synesthesia.
I’ve had it all my life, I suppose. People who are experts on such things say that we are born with it, that it is a brain disorder. The wires in your brain get crossed, and you experience all five senses simultaneously. They overlap where they should be separate.
Everybody who has it has a different form of synesthesia with minor undertones of other kinds. Mine mainly exists with letters and numbers. I see numbers, letters, words, etc in color. All of my letters and numbers have different colors, personalities, textures, ages and gender. I literally see them as living beings. Colors themselves also have gender. When I was a child often I’d play ‘house’ with my crayons instead of dolls. Seriously, I’d have red and blue get married or green and orange have a sordid affair. My grandma used to think it was so funny. It was just normal to me. Words have colors – for instance, my son’s name, Callum, is a bright, sunny yellow with flecks of baby blue, particularly in the L’s.
The inside of my head kind of feels like a Jackson Pollock painting. All splotches and globs of brightly colored paint, roads leading nowhere, just an explosion of thick, goopy color with a nonsensical message. Convergence, 1952 by Jackson Pollock is my favorite painting. Probably because it’s the colors of my name. Yellows, a hint of orange, lots of black, and a little fleck of blue peeking out; all of it streaked into oblivion. My name looks just like that; it did long before I ever saw a Pollock painting.

I also have synesthesia with regard to music. Certain songs bring vivid colors into my head. If I listen to "Happiness is a Warm Gun," by the Beatles, my head fills with alternating flashes of mustard-yellow and bright, silvery white. It has a distinct pulse and a gritty, sandpapery feel. David Bowie’s voice always invokes a bright sky blue that sometimes turns darker, or has shades of gray, depending on the mood of the song. Rap music invokes a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes all spiraling through my head at warp speed. I prefer one sole theme, which is why I think I don’t usually care for rap music unless it’s really unique or exceptional (for instance, Lil Wayne’s voice is a silvery gray with purple undertones that I find really pleasing). Classical music takes me through a landscape of color, shape and feeling. Usually I close my eyes when listening. It’s like having my own personal DVD of "Fantasia" playing through my head whenever I listen.
Usually when I tell people about my synesthestic experiences they look at me like I’m some crazed hippie. I probably am a crazed hippie in reality, but what I experience is more than just psychedelic. It’s spiritual. My synesthesia is so ingrained into me that if I lost my ability tomorrow, I would feel as if I’d been blinded or deafened.
Occasionally I experience the other types of synesthesia that have to do with taste, sensation and smell, but only occasionally. Smells and tastes definitely invoke a distinct color in my brain. For instance, the smell and taste of fresh garlic makes my head fill with bright, vibrant green. Diet drinks with their saccharine sweetness always appear in my head as being a shimmering, blinding silver.
It can be strange, having synesthesia. If I’m out to dinner with a friend, and they scrape their fork on their teeth, my brain fills with unnamed metallic colors, and my ears roar with the sound of it. I can’t stand it. I can taste the metal on my own tongue and it is unbearable. It can cause obsessive compulsive behavior sometimes. Occasionally the sound and taste of silverware is so loud in my brain that I have to use plastic cutlery when I eat.
Synesthesia certainly enriches my life as an avid reader and a writer. It always helped my poetry and as I become better at essays and stories I find that it enriches them, too. Certainly F. Scott Fitzgerald was synesthetic. No one can read "The Great Gatsby" and tell me that he wasn’t. I think that is why I feel so decadent and wistful when I read his books. I’ve read "Gatsby" dozens of times and never tire of the language and the way his words flow in an endless barrage of color. Many artists and celebrities are synesthestes, including Tori Amos, Eddie Van Halen, Friedrich Nietzsche, Stevie Wonder, Vladimir Nabokov and many, many others.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t grateful to have synesthesia. I have had it so long that it is like second nature to me now. I often forget that I do have it, and just go through life assuming that people are experiencing the same sensations as I do. I see the months of the year like a giant Rolodex, spiraling through an open space. They all have colors, genders, ages and personalities. I also benefit from having a somewhat photographic memory with directions, phone numbers, addresses and names, because I see them as a pattern of colors.
It all tastes blue to me."